Friday, February 29, 2008

brooklyn circus

of those of you who know me and even from what one can gather from fotos online and in press – i have a HUGE t-shirt collection. actually, i could probably occupy a few months of posts just on t-shirts, but i will control myself since there are so many people doing the same. of course, being an art and design snob, i'm happy to tell people the arcane far-flung places i get my t-shirts when asked. but a few of my faves are available locally! i therefore want to give some props to my friends at the brooklyn circus who have a shop in brooklyn nyc and in san francisco. they have great t's and the CMYK palette of many of the designs works well with my sneaker collection. (even if they weren't enthusiastic supporters of nooka [they carry a few models in both stores!] i would be wearing their t-shirts) learn more about them here!

the other place i get a bulk of my t's people ask about is graniph in tokyo. many times i've trekked all over tokyo to find a specific design in my size! i'm a bit jealous that sydney australia is getting a graniph shop and not NYC! you can see their english language site here.

the old man with the monkey arms sporting a fancy black nooka zirc is wearing a brooklyn circus t shirt. nooka zirc available here.

the image shot is from the website.