Tuesday, October 21, 2008

nooka image video

i had wanted to blog about this only when i had an event planned to handle like a movie premiere, but unfortunately we are not terribly coordinated with anything other than fashion magazine press here at nooka.

this video was art directed and animated by futuretron infinity [it's a jewish name i think...maybe not], a young talented designer from melbourne australia working at my design studio, berrymatch. creative direction was by futuretron, myself and team utilizing photography from out latest lookbook art directed by the supervisory and yumi asai.

i am totally flattered that my best friend i've yet to meet in person, kanye west, has featured it on his blog! he calls it "DOPENESS" which is absolutely the ultimate compliment!

NOW view video in HD on the nooka site!! or on youtube and vimeo!

spread the love mi gente!

nooka sightings: takashi murakami

i have been a big fan of takashi murakami's ever since i bought an issey miyake t-shirt stuffed into the head of a plastic figure in the marui men's kan on yasukuni avenue in tokyo a few years before he burst onto the art scene [i remember reading about him as a graphic designer for a brief moment]. it also came with a poster of a monster holding the character on a background of his signature eyeballs [that poster is framed and in my living room – i'd love to replace it with a real painting of his, but even when i went to gallery to try and buy one, they were all pre-sold!].

he truly is the andy warhol of my generation, so i was so happy to see these photos sent to me of mr. murakami wearing one of my creations bought at one of my favorite stores, ddc lab [locations in new york and los angeles, their site here].

caption: Takashi Murakami preparing for his 10/16/2008 appearance at Pratt University, where be was honored along with two other artists.

Styled by: Image Director: Alexander Allen.

if you are not in nyc or los angeles, watch worn is available here.

thank you alexander!

nooka in russia

yes, nooka is available in russia, and we are sighted on this photo-shoot in the october issue of ELLE magazine there.

chanel chanel chanel

from the article in the link below: "It’s not just the economic turmoil, although the timing could hardly be worse. It’s that the pavilion sets out to drape an aura of refinement over a cynical marketing gimmick. Surveying its self-important exhibits, you can’t help but hope that the era of exploiting the so-called intersection of architecture, art and fashion is finally over."

it always surprises me when people write stuff like this! unless you go back to cave painting, i doubt there was ever a time when art, architecture and fashion did not intersect – moreover, for the financial gain of some or many! then again, it is probably the opinion of someone born into a rich family afforded the luxury of studying art and design as a purely academic pursuit (i am jealous!).

i myself am excited to see this perversion of art!

Photo: Michael Falco for The New York Times