Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cite goes america

on may 15th, matthew waldman and nooka will take part in the 2nd of three off cite icff shows. cite goes america centers around a skeleton house featuring 400 sq.ft. of a detailed oriented large room, created with the pieces chosen for the collection. in this manner a birds eye view of what they believe is strong and interesting design is seen not only in the context of an occupied house, but with a real feel of the new american home.

nooka has contributed products from our line conveying a message promoting universal communication, whether visual, systematic or linguistic. it’s a futurist philosophy.

to learn more about cite goes america, check here!

the address is:
cite showroom 131 greene st. ny, ny 10012

sounds like

as part of icff, joey roth gave collaborators a set of speakers he recently designed to reshape, using their own visual language. in turn, he asked each of them to work with a musician to produce a track to accompany their speaker interpretation. matthew waldman and miho hatori combined their creativity to produce a truly unique experience.

here's a glimpse of each of their statements for the piece:
matthew waldman
technology improves life and creates new dialogs between people and the universe. moreover, it fuels an ever growing expectation of things to come. it is not an exaggeration to say that the idea of time travel is perhaps the most portent of expectations of future technology. it is this theme i have explored in my piece for the sounds like exhibition – creating a physical evocation of time past and yet to come.

miho hatori
...looking at the time machine makes me want to give it life. for me primitive sound is the basis for the way people hear today. we all evolved from ocean life and sound memory is embedded in our dna. that is the beauty of life and this is why we have the ability to hear and interpret sound- this is the beautiful part of evolution. the energy and movement of evolution is far more powerful than human imagination. It is an organic occurrence that we can only dream of understanding and channeling in such an accidental, yet powerful way.

here is the AMAZING track miho recorded for the piece:

piers fawkes from psk will be sponsoring a panel of 4 speakers including matthew waldman. to learn more, be sure to check out their site here!

learn more about miho hatori here

be sure to learn all about joey roth's project here!

the address is:
427 W 14th Street @ Washington St.
New York, NY 10014