Wednesday, December 30, 2009

nooka press: time out new york

text by michael a. traverzo

as the noo year slowly creeps upon us, resolutions will be made. so, why not do it in style ( work out that is, since most of the resolutions will be to "hit the gym")? in the noo time out new york, the hyperspace zenh is featured as one of the best fitness watches. go from the gym to the streets with this fashionable timepiece! here at nooka, we like to stay optimistic, so even if your not loyal to your resolution, you'll still be in style!

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also, don't forget to vote for nooka at pulchra. the voting process may seem a bit tedious, but it is actually really simple. simply drag nooka to the number 1 spot, if that's your choice of course and choose the other 9 objects until you have completed your list. In order for your vote to be valid, you will need to complete the details form. remember you can only vote ONCE PER DAY, so make sure to log on the next day and do it all over again. link is here!

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zirca x nooka

if your in singapore, end the year in style at zirca club! zirca x nooka present eden- the rebirth of music.

stand a chance to win an exclusive nooka by simply answering the question: what is the theme of the zirca nye party?

send your reply to: with your name, ic and contact number by 30 Dec 2009, 5pm