Friday, June 12, 2009

noo styles: summer 2009

i am very happy to announce our new summer series of designs inspired by higher dimensional physics and our utopian optimism that the planet will once again embrace space as a necessary next frontier! the designs left to right are: string theory [black and white], hyperspace and sky pyramid. they were designed in-house by futuretron infinity of dinosaur island. my personal touch was the decision to have the pattern in the string theory models overprint the whole face – me likey.

they also come in snazzy custom packaging! the only word that comes to mind is "dope".

nooka is obsessed with 3 things: science, math and looking good! string theory is a theory that is attempting to provide a unified theory as proposed by einstein. michio kaku is a contemporary physicist who best articulates string theory for laymen. string theory can be best rationalized in 12 dimensions. time is a number system utilizing base-12 math. learn more about the technological singularity here. learn more about string theory here. learn more about base-12/dozenal number systems here.

these models are available at fine stores and here! follow nooka on twitter: nookaNOW look for posts from matthew waldman on