Tuesday, June 10, 2008

if you're in atlanta

wish, a very nice shop in atlanta georgia is launching there own brand of clothes, and nooka will be there to give support [i won't be there because i'm off to los angeles tomorrow and then back in NYC before i go to europe on the 25th...not enough hours in the day!]. if you're in atlanta, check it out, june 13th, 7-11pm. performances by just blaze, dj don cannon and j-lie. free food and drinks! their website here.

LDT magazine and NOOKA

check out the latest issue of LDT magazine [and the previous issue as well!]. nooka is poppin!:)

(LTD is the hippest underground street-wear magazine there is)

i always knew i was cool as sheet/hella-cool, but now that people are noticing, i'm too old to enjoy it! oh well....that's just life innit?

LTD site is here.