Monday, June 22, 2009

studio visit: josh wilson

josh wilson of the seattle seahawks [cornerback] came by the nooka lab on thursday june 18th. he was in town on the way to his bachelor party in DC [where he's from] and he wanted to come by and meet us. again, this is a star athlete who sought us out on his own after buying a deep blue zub zen-h at nordstroms in seattle. he's very knowledgeable about independent fashion and he told me that nooka is one of his favorite brands – one reason being that he likes to accessorize his watch with what he's wearing [notice nooka+cap, too bad you can't see his kicks, they are the same blue] and no other brand offers as many color choices as we do. now that we've met in person, i look forward to seeing photos of josh+nooka in action!

josh's official website is here.

nooka on josh in this foto is available at fine stores and here! follow nooka on twitter: nooka
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