Tuesday, September 15, 2009

nookasia tour 2009

NOOKASIA, the progressive band of design geniuses filled stadiums and pleased crowds with their provocative blend of futurism and fashion! well, it's time to bring the galatic glam fashion energy to ASIA: i will be in tokyo, taipei, seoul, manila singapore and then back to tokyo! i am also planning a trip to beijing if i can swing it, if that happens i will update the calendar posted here.

so if you're reading this and know press people or celebs that would help the nooka brand in those markets, let me know. i love meeting new people and am very excited to visit some cities for the first time. i want to meet other design genuises, filthy rich consumers who love [or will love] my brand, and of course, sexy crazy fans! use the contact forms on nooka.com or here.

nooka is available worldwide at fine shops and online. check out www.nooka.com and follow us on twitter.com/nooka