Tuesday, January 6, 2009

nooka sightings: carlos santos MYV Tr3

christen here in the nooka studio was watching mtv this weekend where she saw a sage zub nooka on a vj. after some research, we saw that carlos santos seems to own quite a wide range of nookas! he coordinates them like i do – super duper flattering! muchas gracias carlos! you can read about his latest show in english and in español here, or google him for more info.

you can purchase the camo nooka, and various colored zubs at a store near you, and if not, here.

Christen aquí en el estudio Nooka estaba viendo mtv este fin de semana donde vio un sage zub nooka en un vj. después de algunas investigaciones, vimos que Carlos Santos dispone de una amplia gama de nookas! Y los combina como yo - Super halagador! muchas gracias Carlos! Puede leer acerca de su último espectáculo en Inglés y en español aquí o busquenlo en Google para más información.

puede comprar el camo nooka, y varios colores zubs en una tienda cercana a usted, y si no, aquí.

note: i do not speak spanish, not well, but i do have an intern in the studio from barcelona – gracias edgar!

studio visit: me at ryan mcginness

i had the pleasure of visiting ryan at his studio on december 30th [the camera date is 31 because it was on tokyo-time!]. i know ryan for over 10 years – actually since he graduated and came to new york – so it was nice catching up after not having a real conversation for a number of years! i was excited to see the new work en-process and even more excited that he loves the grey leather nooka watch i gave him.

i'm planning on doing some serious artist collaborations in 2009-2010 and ryan is definitely on my list.

learn more about ryan mcginness on wikipedia/google and here.

grey leather nookas at fine stores and here.

my t-shirt by supremebeing UK.