Monday, November 24, 2008

noo from nooka, the zon

as seen on kanye west's blog earlier last week, here is my post for my newest design – the zon. i really must say, i am very happy with this design. it's our heaviest and largest time piece to date yet feels weightless on my wrist. i was skeptical about designing a butterfly clasp for one of my designs because it is more difficult to adjust than our previous models, but now i am sold – it has a nice glam appeal! here is some real press release ready copy:

the zon is a luxury digital world-time watch with an intuitive graphical interface as well as numeric display.

the unique graphical display gives an intuitive experience of the progression of with one minute blocks that fills the display every 12 hours. one can easily toggle to a standard numeric display in either 12-hour or 24-hour formats as well as get the time in 24 cities around the world.

the strap alignment allows both left handed and right handed individuals to achieve a perfect fit on their wrist. tool to change the alignment to flush left, flush right or center is included. buy yours here, or at fine nooka stockists.

the weight, size and flush alignment of the design is extremely comfortable for an oversized time piece.

leather models come with a stainless steel butterfly closure. the silver model has a standard metal mesh strap.

this will launch in december during art basel in miami, ddc lab in NYC and los angeles. i will update this blog with launch party details and a link on where to buy soon. SRP is $650.US buy yours here, or at fine nooka stockists.

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