Monday, February 18, 2008

the gayest letter in the alphabet

i have recently begun to organize my CD collection into sleek muji cd holder books [i have close to 5000 disks!] and i have come across a breakthrough scientific discovery – the letter "S" is the gayest letter in the alphabet. now someone needs to study if the letter itself is inherently homosexual [it doubles up in alot of words: associate, sassy, ass, etc.] or if it's environment [between "R" and "T" is sometimes a tough position for a young letter of any orientation!]. also, it is the only letter that can be lisped.

i discovered this from the abundance of gay bands [gay members or just gay sounds included] that start with the letter "S":
Saint Etienne, Scissor Sister, Peter Shelley, Spandau Ballet, Jimmy Somerville, Soft Cell, Sondre Lerche, Donna Summer, Sweet, the Swingle Singers, Sylvester, Suede [the London Suede].

just some food for thought from an armchair social scientist...