Saturday, February 28, 2009

what a deastro!

can companies fall in love bringing a new dimension of B2B? i think so, as it is the case with nooka and ghostly records. well, ghostly records is celebrating their 10th anniversary and we are celebrating with them by giving a free copy of deastro's keppers with every web order of a nooka watch on from march 1st while supplies last.

why deastro? because keepers is one of my FAVORITE albums of 2008 AND i want to share that joy with as many people as possible.

more on deastro: Deastro is the brainchild of Detroit-area wunderkind Randolph Chabot, who's been recording music since he was 12. Deastro's Keepers contains a whirlwind of styles, as Chabot hops from shy synth-pop to instrumental robot-rock, whisper-soft ballads to sky-high anthems and coats it all in a delirious fizz of production. It's wildly positive, upbeat music tinged with an experimental spirit and a hint of melancholy. Deastro's next full-length, Moondagger, will be out this May on Ghostly International.

buy a watch after march 1st here or buy keepers on itunes here.

also, slightly unrelated, but if you're on facebook, join the "Love Nooka" group!