Friday, January 25, 2008


i am flattered and honored to have been invited to participate in a lego sponsored art event to raise money and awareness for unesco called "piece of peace tokyo" which opens on february 1st 2008.

many of the artists have recreated world heritage sites in lego and others will be creating 2-D work on the themes of the show or world peace.

my piece is titled: Peace Memorial for Great Buildings Lost and the following is the short message statement i wrote:

"architecture is perhaps the most human of arts and technology as it developed along side the development of permanent settlements after the advent of agriculture. I believe that more than anything, people take pride in and identify most strongly with monumental buildings as they represent the combined talents and energy of a community. Therefore, it saddens me most when great buildings and monuments are destroyed by war and unrest – and indeed, the ruins of many of these structures endure to this day as a reminder of the horror of war – silent sentinels for peace."

here is a link for the details, unfortunately only in japanese. i will see if the show will be traveling or not and update you here. official site is here, but not much info there as of this writing.

So, if you happen to be in tokyo the first week of february – check out the parco art gallery in shibuya and let me know how you enjoyed the show!

HK Press Milk and Milk-X

just sharing some december 07 press from my trip to hong kong in november 2007. great coverage but does anyone proof read in hong kong? they spelled my name: marrhew waldman throughout one of the articles! that said, i love these 2 magazines, they cover art, trends, urban culture and high fashion – each issue is full of cool stuff. also, this particular issue of milk-x has a lenticular cover [otherwise known as winky-dink technology]! i look pretty cute on the bed in my room at the JIA hotel as well.

i'm including a pic of the milk-x limited edition we created for the magazine. they took a better foto than we did.

thanks to allan of nooka hong kong for always arranging the best exposure for me.