Friday, February 6, 2009

studio visit: supremebeing

david and damian of sooper cool UK brand, supremebeing visited the studio on friday! i haven't seen david in 3 years, since the first time we met in barcelona at bread and butter where we exchanged nookas for t-shirts. i still get compliments and comments every time i wear the original CMYK Ts [see my ryan mcguinness post to see one of the series as i was wearing it that day too]. it's exciting to see them branch out from Ts to really well-made, well-designed apparel and shoes. also, this post is a teaser for a collab we will be doing with them this year. i'll leak the designs closer to the release date.

noo catalog site for nooka

everyone has heard the saying: "the cobblers children have no shoes". i find it seems to be quite a truism – the children of psychiatrists i've met are all crazy, the children of dentists have horrible teeth [except my friend joseph], and yes, world renown interactive creative directors sometimes have crap websites of their own [when will ever be updated for example]!

well, here is nooka online catalog and store site version 3.0 and i'm happy to say it is an improvement and a good compliment to the brand site, we are always looking to improve the site and the process, but it really is quite an arduous task. i'm sure we will need to revisit the site design process when we launch non-watch lines, but for now i hope this version is well received. of course, to truly enjoy the design, you need to buy some stuff.

check it out here or from the catalog link on the nooka homepage.

the next improvement will be the launch of our international sites.

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