Thursday, October 30, 2008

win a nooka glow-in-the-dark for halloween!

question? where will the nooka studio be on friday night for halloween? answer: Ghostly + Throne of Blood - Halloween 2008: The second annual bash, presented by Justine D. and Ghostly!


Costume Contest with Cash and Prizes provided by and Nooka!

October 31st, 2008
Studio B
259 Banker St.
(Between Calyer & Meserole)

$15 in Advance
$20 Door

Advance purchase suggested! Buy online @

"Tapes" compiled and mixed by The Rapture out Nov. 25th on !K7. For more information, go to

LTD magazine + nooka = invisible warrior

hypebeast already broke this news a few hours ago, but here it is here.
super exclusive LTD magazine and nooka collab. translucent grey polyurethane camo strap with bold colored aluminum case nooka zoo = super limited edition nooka invisible warrior model.

only 144 available for preorder [delivery around november 7th] here.

LTD magazine site here.

contest to win one invisible warrior watch here.

hypebeast post is here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

two more interviews!

i was interviewed by adnan arif of wristfashion via email and in-person by liz kinnmark of designglut. it's interesting to see how different the tone is from catching me on different days and also the difference from an interview via email and one transcribed from an audio recording [the type of questions also changes things].

adnan is perhaps one of the most knowledgable people in the world when it comes to the world of watches – he travels to the fairs in hong kong and switzerland every year and represents numerous brands for the middle east out of his offices in dubai [one brand of which is nooka!]. is "a resource which tells the stories of how many creative businesses got their start. You don't need magic. You may, however, need some inspiration and a little advice". it is 100% interview format.

wristfashion interview here.

designglut interview here.

nooka in hungary: hodosi enikö

our contact in budapest sent us a scan of enikö hodosi wearing a white zub zot in the popkultúra magazine, wan 2. she is a member of a hungarian band known as neo. they are listed on myspace as new wave / electronica / pop which is misleading as i think it's more pop / rock on some tracks and eurobeat for others. her solo stuff is definitely eurobeat if you search for her videos on youtube. eurobeat gets pushed further and further east every year, most certainly a victim of global warming! there haven't been eurobeat sightings in north america since the last dead or alive and sique sique sputniks died in the cincinatti zoo in 1995.

she's really cute and the white zub zot looks great on her. neo's myspace page is here. watch shown can be purchased at fine shops in budapest, worldwide, and here. the nooka hungary site is here.

thank you viktor and enikö!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

openers october

i forgot to post this earlier this month, but my 2nd article for openers japan was published a few weeks ago. this time i wrote about the harsh environment NYC still poses for cyclists but also how it's improving. only in japanese here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

roisin murphy live in nyc

at the invitiation of lapo belmestieri, i was able to enjoy the roisin murphy concert in nyc last night! it was a great experience – i have never seen such an enthusiastic audience. her costume changes were spectacular, and she did 2 encores. after the show, i was able to personally give roisin a brand new retooled gold IP nooka zirc which she seemed to really love. thank you lapo!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

nooka image video

i had wanted to blog about this only when i had an event planned to handle like a movie premiere, but unfortunately we are not terribly coordinated with anything other than fashion magazine press here at nooka.

this video was art directed and animated by futuretron infinity [it's a jewish name i think...maybe not], a young talented designer from melbourne australia working at my design studio, berrymatch. creative direction was by futuretron, myself and team utilizing photography from out latest lookbook art directed by the supervisory and yumi asai.

i am totally flattered that my best friend i've yet to meet in person, kanye west, has featured it on his blog! he calls it "DOPENESS" which is absolutely the ultimate compliment!

NOW view video in HD on the nooka site!! or on youtube and vimeo!

spread the love mi gente!

nooka sightings: takashi murakami

i have been a big fan of takashi murakami's ever since i bought an issey miyake t-shirt stuffed into the head of a plastic figure in the marui men's kan on yasukuni avenue in tokyo a few years before he burst onto the art scene [i remember reading about him as a graphic designer for a brief moment]. it also came with a poster of a monster holding the character on a background of his signature eyeballs [that poster is framed and in my living room – i'd love to replace it with a real painting of his, but even when i went to gallery to try and buy one, they were all pre-sold!].

he truly is the andy warhol of my generation, so i was so happy to see these photos sent to me of mr. murakami wearing one of my creations bought at one of my favorite stores, ddc lab [locations in new york and los angeles, their site here].

caption: Takashi Murakami preparing for his 10/16/2008 appearance at Pratt University, where be was honored along with two other artists.

Styled by: Image Director: Alexander Allen.

if you are not in nyc or los angeles, watch worn is available here.

thank you alexander!

nooka in russia

yes, nooka is available in russia, and we are sighted on this photo-shoot in the october issue of ELLE magazine there.

chanel chanel chanel

from the article in the link below: "It’s not just the economic turmoil, although the timing could hardly be worse. It’s that the pavilion sets out to drape an aura of refinement over a cynical marketing gimmick. Surveying its self-important exhibits, you can’t help but hope that the era of exploiting the so-called intersection of architecture, art and fashion is finally over."

it always surprises me when people write stuff like this! unless you go back to cave painting, i doubt there was ever a time when art, architecture and fashion did not intersect – moreover, for the financial gain of some or many! then again, it is probably the opinion of someone born into a rich family afforded the luxury of studying art and design as a purely academic pursuit (i am jealous!).

i myself am excited to see this perversion of art!

Photo: Michael Falco for The New York Times

Monday, October 20, 2008

nederlands and valerio zeno

valerio zeno is a rising tv star and mtv vj in the nederlands – and really really cute! moreover, he wears nooka, so you gotta love him even more. please go to and vote for him as the best dressed man in the nederlands. the link is here! the page is in dutch, but pretty easy to figure out. "stem op deze kandidaat" is "vote for this candidate" and click on the stars.

if you want to find nooka in amsterdam, check out bofd. i like that they are using the nookanookas to great effect.

from our nederlands rep: "In Amsterdam NOOKA is getting more popular everyday. Bofb, situated in the centre is crazy about NOOKA. This modern jewelry-store, not selling the traditional brands, but only products they like and their own amazing collection, started last year showing the metal NOOKA’s A little urged by their kids, they started this spring with the Zub’s….now one of their best selling items. Beside of that NOOKA gives a lot of traffic in- and outside the store, by a very diverse public, talking about and trying to find out what time it is. And moreover, all these new customers seems not worried about the economical crisis… Johan and Bertie of Bofb are very happy with NOOKA…and their kids too!"Bofb, Rokin 116,

nooka sightings: pussy cat dolls [pcd]

here is a great photo sent to me by nooka germany of the pussy cat dolls. they are neither cats nor dolls, but rather a successful pop music act! i'm loving the louis vuitton wrap!

thanks falko and ben in berlin.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

roisin murphy in NYC

great friend of nooka, lapo belmestieri is producing the world premiere concert of roisin murphy [former lead vocalist of moloko and accomplished solo artist] on friday october 24th at the mansion. i'll be there, will you?

tickets available here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

interview with me in limité magazine

here's an interview i did with limité magazine.

nooka france update

pr updates from beautiful paris france. middle foto is a montage of images from a super dj event AUGUSTE nooka sponsored back in september. looks like it was a lot of fun! the list of performers is in the poster. look at all the nookas! more fotos here.

3nd foto [bottom] from a separate event, is of 3 cute french boys who are les primates rockerz! i'd love to tell you more about them, but all the info i have is this one foto. anyone know more about them? from what i can tell, they are break-dancers...

thanks to claude in paris for the update!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

nooka+hellz bellz=galactic joy for all

this is the next collab we will release, with woman's fashion brand hellz bellz! hypebeast broke the nooz first though, so check out their post here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

playboy france + nooka

playboy france october 2008. c'est tres cool et chic. si vous etes en france achetez une copie toute de suite!

debbie's hairy aka scissor sister

my friend lapo was kind enough to invite me to the friends and family only debbie's hairy concert [scissor sisters play incognito in nyc to avoid the maddening crowds]. the night before they went on as queef latina which is even funnier.

the show was great: a roxy music cover, a song where baby daddy [scott] blew us all away with lead vocals and a new song "I remember the straight lines"? seems to be the big euro single for the next release. they played their classics as well as the new stuff. it was a very intimate affair full of love and pop energy.

i spoke a little with jake and derek at the after party to ask when the next album will be released, it it won't be sooner than spring, but as they are perfectionists – it will be amazing.

thanks for the party! fotos are © rich weaver's flkr stream.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

recent blog post

a great blog post on designnotes on the glow in the dark here.

and ever vigilant hypebeast here.

thanks michael and eugene!

and of course, buy at your local nooka retailer or here.

Friday, October 10, 2008


brooklyn based stylist, samson j. cameron put a gold nooka on T.I. for a photoshoot and was kind enough to send our press office some jpegs. T.I. is very sexy – congrats on having the number one record in the usa!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

another great todd owyoung post

another great todd owyoung post

new band to watch

as you may know from a previous posting, i met school of seven bells at a glam ghostly records party over the summer. well...their full length album release is now slated for october 28th and they will be touring between now and well after that date.

their sound is reminiscent of M83, miranda sex garden [though i may be the only person who bought their CDs], and enya [i know it's fun to hate on enya, but "orinoco flow" is an enigmatic pop classic]. SVIIB's singers are twins so i can't help but get images of the peanuts in my head [their classic koi no fugue is a karaoke standard in japan and taiwain to this day though americans know them from the 1960s mothra vs. godzilla movies]. i find SVIIB's alpinisms to be especially transportative [is that a word? if not, i just made it. feel free to use] when riding my bicycle – it brings me totally into my head and i don't notice my leg muscles at all – making for an effortless ride.

i hope this makes it interesting enough for you all to run out [or go to itunes] to buy the album when it comes out. update: available now on itunes!

they came to my studio last week to chat about the album, life, crazy people, fall allergies, as well as getting some snazzy nooka watches.

their myspace page is here.

Monday, October 6, 2008

the design entepreneur by steven heller and lita talarico

breaking news: steven heller's new book launches next month, but you can tell people you read about it here first, and i'm interviewed in it [page 230-231].

the book profiles graphic designers who made the jump to product design. i'm in some great company!

steven heller is a new york based creative powerhouse. his website is here.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


well, i'm gonna write about how excited i am with the new metallic zubs, but since this is a blog i'll first list what i did this weekend so far: frank and i went to eat at the new BBQ place in town called hill country on west 26th street. it was very tasty but kinda expensive for the type of food. i had the very same meal in texas for literally 1/3 the price. i'm very turned off when i see $6 cup cakes in a self-service restaurant. we then went for a bike ride in central park [always gorgeous] before checking out new stuff at nike town [why do all the sneakers i want to buy there have hard soles and cleats?]. we then went to see margaret cho at radio city music hall [i don't know what i was thinking when i agreed to buy 2 tickets off my friend tony]. she's got a potty mouth and is kinda funny, but the material was all re-hashed and we were bored [hire a new writer beautiful missy cho, there are tons of them in LA and NYC]. of course, being inside radio city music hall is always a pleasure – one of the most beautiful stages in the world.

now onto my metallics: gorgeous. silver, bronze, and a spacey gold finish on the zub 20 with a zoo face. these are produced from a new mold with recessed buttons for a sleeker silhouette. here you can see the bronze one modeled by sexy frank as he wears a BKc green T-shirt and a silver one on sexy me wearing my new sweatshirt from one of my favorite stores in tokyo, sounds good, the sportswear themed select shop by united arrows. the metallic zubs will soon be in stores, but if you can't wait, get em here!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

gitd [glow in the dark] and metallic zubs

gitd [glow in the dark] and metallic zubs are finally IN!!!
thank you so much for your patience. all web orders from the us.nooka online store will ship to you by the end of this week. this means it will leave our studio...look for an email with a tracking number to find out when it will land in your actual hands. i will post fotos of the finalized models here soon.

update: orders received before october 1 shipped last week. orders after will ship around october 10th. after october 10th, we should be back to normal!

buy yours here.