Tuesday, January 13, 2009

studio visit: carlos santos

mtv's carlos santos stopped by the nooka studio today and we hooked him up with some gear to spread the word. i learned that he does stand-up comedy in addition to his duties with voice-overs, narration and hosting/vj-ing for mtv. great guy and even cuter in person – though i think i got a good essence from my digi-snaps. i think he's a rising star to keep an eye on.

contact ramblings and designer identity issues

i find it interesting how people who want to reach me go about doing so. some people just find the phone number for nooka and call, others email from nooka.com [the fastest way to get a response], some comment on a blog post in email format [somehow they know i won't post to the blog if it contains too much information], some find my desperate-need-of-updating matthewwaldman.com and email from there [worst way, i always forget to check that email!], some people go via our press agent [as a rule of thumb or via the confusion that we're both named 'matthew'], and others find me on either linkedin or facebook [a perfectly fine way to communicate!].

i find each of the avenues that bring a first contact to me fascinating. especially since it is easier and easier to find people, the route a person chooses is an expression of their impression of me as well as of their personality [or simply the rank order of their web search!]. it also helps to identify an issue i've been obsessing over again – public perception of me versus nooka, berrymatch or other activities.

without getting into an analysis of all of the above, all of this obsessing has made it clear that i have not done a good job defining my persona beyond this blog [and other blogs] so 2009 will be the year to put more PR energy into the matthew waldman brand – so keep your eyes here the next couple of months for updates.

also, here's wishing everyone a great 2009!