Wednesday, March 17, 2010

design process: subtle changes

i am always told how well nooka as company does with branding – normally, companies retro-fit corporate identity systems piecemeal and only consolidate and rationalize when they are big enough to hire a large branding agency. in actuality, i started nooka with the brand fairly well articulated before i had actual product and the brand is as much a product to me as the actual objects we design and sell. is our first major [minor?] change since i debuted the logo 10 or so years ago – BOLDER logotype. it will be a subtle to unnoticeable change to the layman, but i'm sure the design crowd will appreciate the change.

it also contains the "mindstyle™" tag line.

here at nooka, we love evolution via iterative process as much as inspired design explosions!

hennessy black x nooka

text by michael a. traverzowith a new blend of jasmine and orange flowers mixed with citrus, honey and grapes, hennessy has taken the brand beyond cognac to the premium mixed spirits, with the introduction of hennessy black. sleek, sexy, clublike, hennessy black blends more than just drinks. music, culture and now, the release of the exclusive nooka collaboration. only 700 pieces have been produced, infusing the the zub zenh 20 with graphics inspired by hennessy's insignia.

you won't be able to get your hands on this one of a kind "mix" unless you're a hennessy vip!

straight or mixed – hennessy black is the highly versatile, decidedly different new cognac from the world's leading cognac house – distinctively smooth with a fresher, lighter flavor.

forgot to mention, since becoming involved with this project, nooka founder, matthew waldman, has concocted the nooka sidecar – now the official party drink of the nooka lab: equal parts hennessy black, cointreau, fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice [half lemon half lime], and a splash of simple syrup [or sugar] to sweeten: shaken vigorously with crushed ice, strained and served in a small sugar rimmed water glass or tumbler – YUMMY!

thanks to kdu, the keystone design union, for getting us involved. learn more about the kdu here!

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