Wednesday, January 7, 2009

nooka at sundance

For 3 years, Pierpont Place has been a preferred venue of the Sundance Film festival and has provided the community an opportunity to get involved to enjoy great talent and music in conjunction to the festival. The event will be a combination of networking, runway fashion, great music and dancing. Anticipated attendance will be 300-500 guests including local business an festival audience, media, dignitaries, film and festival industry goers.

This year, Pierpont Place has partnered with Ghostly International to provide “top caliber” DJ talent from Chicago and New York. Webb Audio and Visual is to provide state of the art equipment and Full Nelson is to provide The Fashion Delirium Tour du Jour which is a traveling runway party that showcases cutting-edge designers and their newest fashions featuring Jared Gold designer of Black Chandelier and Baskit Underwear. Jared Gold is expected to make an announcement of a new Television project. Along with Jared’s amazing fashions we will incorporate NOOKA watches as an official brand to be included in the show. Nooka is a perfect fit for this exclusive event. This amazing collaboration of brands, fashion, decor and music talent will definitely mark the calendar as the Sundance event to not be missed!

Event details:
Saturday 17th January
Ghostly Talent Includes:
Michna, Kate Simko & SV4
“The fashion Delirium Du Jour”
A New Collection show by Jared Gold
& Showcase of Nooka Watches
Pierpont Place
163 Pierpont Ave. SLC

nooka people: yu yamada

i am so happy to work with such wonderful people – it's part of nooka's success. mr. yu yamada is our guy on the ground running our tokyo office, and i've always thought he was amazing...well apparently so do the people at design mag, brain! in addition to nooka he is a key member of tokyo's design tide every year amongst his other side projects.

if you can, check out the february 2009 issue on stands now to see the 4 pages of coverage he's gotten.

nookas always available here.