Friday, April 17, 2009

nooka X deviant design zon

alex vaz in compton california [LA] sent us some images of his tricked out nooka zon to our info@ mailbox, and boy was it a surprise. 3.25 carats and almost 300 stones set by LA based jeweler marky mark [his myspace page here]! deviant design/marky mark does a lot of custom work for both alex and rob drydek. it seems that unofficial collabs turn out very nicely. alex has his own brand, his web site here.

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and again, thanks alex!

shout-out from paola antonelli of MoMA

this really made me feel good. from an interview with paola antonelli, curator of the museum of modern art in nyc, in the luxury issue of metropolis magazine on newsstands now:

"Favorite tchotchke: I have one of Matthew Waldman’s fairies. It is so cute. It looks over me. My office is full with things that have their own characters, so it’s like a little city. But the fairy is particularly dominant in the city."

buy the issue of read full interview online here. it really reminds/inspires me to pick up my fairy labor union art project again [nooka eats all my time, but is equally satisfying, so not complaining].  photo inset is of the fairy on my desk, paola's is a pure white version.

nooka is available at fine stores and here. remember, you get a free copy of deastro's keepers with every online watch order on this link while supplies last!

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