Monday, May 12, 2008

style wars follow up

my stint as a guest judge was fun once it got started. the stoli hotel was a fuckin joke though, the door was handled in such a way that anyone who should've been at the event left after poor treatment at the door – aside from my employees, none of my guestlist made it, which was unfortunate, as the event itself was a HOOT!. i was then asked to leave when i made a mild stink about the guestlist as the girl told her superior i was "harassing" her. when her manager found out i was indeed a sponsor AND a judge, the mood changed. really way too stressful for something so easy to do right. that said, i'd still do it again – roman and team put on a GREAT show!

Photo by Nikola Tamindzic: Judges, from left to right: author and publicist Sloane Crosley, Matthew Waldman of Nooka, and Riley John of Surface

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