Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doctor Tanaka

i began an email exchange with artist, shin tanaka after the success of the nooka+garbege collaboration [thank you garbege for the introduction] which resulted in the tanaka+nooka boxboy collaboration. up until recently, shin lived in kyushu and we never managed to meet face-to-face until this weekend. of course, our mixi pages are linked, so we keep up-to-date on each other. he has a top secret job as a scientist at a research center near mt. fuji [i promised not to reveal his day job to anyone, and it awes me that someone can do so many things as well as he does]. i was honored he took time to come to tokyo to meet and hang out. check out his great web site.

(how do you like my new cap? it was ¥100 at the yoyogi flea market)

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