Monday, December 17, 2007

Creatures of the Night [COTN™]

I am proud to leak the news of my new line of urban inspired camouflage to honor creatures of the night. The design was a happy accident [gosh i love design process!], a result of developing the “have a grey-t day” line of cool grey nookas exploring images of “grey/urban animals” – pigeons, rats, mice, bats and cats. The resulting camo pattern was to be produced only in shades of grey, but the custom pattern we created is just too good to limit to just one color!

We are proud to present COTN™ camo in:

Urban Jungle Grey
Balmy Army Green
Crooklyn Remix

The face is the Nooka Zen-H, stainless steel case back, PU band with butterfly closure, mineral crystal, 5ATM waterproof, and EL backlight. $250 US [but don't quote me on that] available in January 2008.


Devin said...

Wow! I just bought a green one. At a first glance it appears to be a simple camo concept, then upon a closer look, the creatures of the night come alive!

Oh man, if you could make the animals with glow in the dark material! At night they would come alive! RAD!

yosoh said...

I wish these were available in the ZOT configuration. Any chance this will happen?

NOOKA said...

devin: thanks for the order...they will ship next week.
yosoh: it's possible. we're gonna see how well these do the first few months. thanks for the comments!

Maria said...

Can you tell me where I can get the Crooklyn one in NYC? Thanks.

NOOKA said...

Maria: that color isn't in any NYC store as of writing this, but you can order from our online store
I'll update here when that model is in more stores.

Maria said...

Thanks. I have really tiny wrists and like to try on watches before I buy them. Please post when stores carry this watch. I like it a lot!


KRSE said...

I got my Crooklyn Remix COTN today and I love it. Great camo pattern and color combo.

NOOKA said...

krse: thanks so much for coming back to leave a comment! we're gonna do some new camo stuff for 2009 i hope you'll like.