Wednesday, February 27, 2008

design and the elastic mind

last week on the 19th i went to the preview opening of 'design and the elastic mind' at MoMA at the invitation of paola antonelli. i was a bit shocked how crowded it was, so much so that i wasn't able to even see the show [there was a huge queue to the escalators] i was expecting a more intimate "preview"as my invite came from the curator but i guess that's just my inner prima donna taking control. the mezzanine bar was not crowded so i got some good stiff cocktails out of the affair and yummy salty cashew nuts to nibble. also, the art fabricator i use for my own installations had just finished an installation for some artist on the MoMA floor as seen in the photo here. i will definitely go back to see the show, but the online show is pretty amazing and the NYT review was the most glowing i have ever read from them.

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