Monday, March 10, 2008

blogging about blogging is blogenessabound

blogging about bloggerheads blogging on me may make you feel a bit blogged-down....

but michael surtees of designnotes paid us a studio visit which leaks the upcoming nooka mascot, the nookanooka...designnotes here and boy do i look bad in that photo – michael, please retouch the bags under my eyes!

and josh spears, purveyor of everything cool has an interview with me here. i look good in that pic, but who doesn't in harsh direct sunlight? thanks osamu iizuka for that photo.


Adam said...

The Zon will appeal to "the Watch People?" Interesting. From what little I've read about the Zon, I was under the impression that it would appeal to the Tokyoflash crowd.

Speaking of which, when are we going to learn more about the Zon and the Kabeka? They were announced months ago, yet little has been said about them.

NOOKA said...


the zon will be our only model where one can toggle between the graphical interface and a numeric one, which will have a broader appeal. I will blog about it more once we have perfected the final prototypes [which is taking longer than I expected] – the kabeka as well. i plan to release press releases by the end of april though. thanks for checking in.