Friday, March 28, 2008

noo music update for march: max rouen

one of the great things about my tokyo office is that we share the space with other creatives, one of which is mr. kurasho, an amazing DJ. we have shockingly similar tastes and i always load up on great music for my long flight home and then to enjoy in the studio. i especially love when he turns me on to a band/performer i've never heard of, one of which is max rouen! the current cd is "the magnetic wave of sound" and it's my favorite disk of 2008 so far. here's a paraphrased quote from a review site: "...uses old methods, looping and splicing tapes on reel to reel – creating a sound that he then builds up into rather nice songs that have a less avant garde indie feel about them, an interesting and original take on how to make slanted and enchanted pop songs."

sums it up pretty well. in my words: the album has a lot of interesting pop turns and a laid-back grittiness that defies genre classification while exuding a confidence rarely heard in young artists [not saying that he's young]. check it!

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