Wednesday, April 2, 2008

nooka pairings

restaurants offer up pairing menus to push certain wines, so i'm gonna share some of my nooka pairings with you:

the silver sneakers are my new favorite shoes, the mini cooper edition from tiger onitsuka...they are actually very comfortable to wear as well. at first i though a mirror faced nooka with a metal mesh strap would go best with these shoes, but i opted for the white zirc which captured the dynamic white accents in the footwear. any white nooka would go well with these snazzy kicks! pants by uniglo.

i've been obsessed with grey clothes for a long time. it's actually quite difficult to find neutral grey clothing in the US [grey here tends to be greenish or bluish, so I fill up in japan!], and so it was natural i created a grey line-up for nooka – and they go great with my new dark cool grey shoes from around-the-shoes. well-worn grey jeans from united arrows green label.

UPDATE: looks like gap has a lot of neutral grey this season...but that means actually going to a gap store if i want to check it out....i'll keep you updated.


kev said...

check out

great blog.

Daz said...

There is only one person I know who would wear trainers like that.....