Wednesday, April 16, 2008


this past weekend i went to vancouver which is in the vast northern territory know more commonly as canadia [or candaland]. it is a unique city in the sense that nobody seems to work – literally 98% of the buildings in the city are residential, and a good portion of the units seem to be empty, yet the shops are full of shoppers, the restaurants are full of diners, and the streets are full of porsches.

i was told 2 different explanations:
a] everyone reverse commutes to work in the suburbs,
b] most of the money is made from marijuana trade, so no need for fancy office buildings.
i also suspect that a lot of the condo units are investment properties for people in hong kong, singapore, korea and japan.

good food, great parks, skiing accessible by city bus – what more can one ask for! definitely worth a visit.

and if you want to buy nooka there, check out illustrated example for zubs at 227 carral street and design house for leather strap models 1110 mainland street. for other shops in BC, check the where to buy section on

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