Thursday, May 29, 2008

nooka spotting: britain's got talent!

andrew muir, a scottish plumber with a sexy accent is a current contestant on the UK's version of 'american idol' called 'britain's got talent', also hosted by simon cowell. last night, he sang 'last request' by paolo nutini wearing yellow shoes and a matching yellow nooka! sad to say, but the judges, especially cowell, spent more time badmouthing his shoes and watch than complimenting his singing! perhaps i should consider a libel/slander suit against him in the UK?

From the UK Press: You could have been mistaken for thinking that Paulo Nutini had dropped by, instead of the next act, as the Macca-lookalike singing plumber, Andrew Muir, delivered a great strong version of Last Request. Andrew was swamped by a smog of dry ice during his performance - but luckily he had on bright yellow show and a dayglo watch so that the judges could still see where he was on the stage! Then there was, well, a LOT of cheering!

"There were two problems for me - one you didn't tap dance and secondly, those shoes!" said Piers.

Ant choked: "Don't take style tips from Piers Morgan!"

But hopefully Piers is better at clairvoyancy. "I felt a bit of a Paul Potts moment. You were that good tonight.

Amanda said, "Great talent, great voice."

And Simon said, "I didn't think it was a great choice of song. The shoes and the watch are horrible but I think you've got a very good voice. I really like you."

this is all via my friend dan in brighton who was kind enough to send me the blow by blow via skype along with screen shots as britain's iTV doesn't allow viewers outside of the UK to watch the shows online. if you are in the uk, feel free to check it out they say, all press is good press. UPDATE 5/30: internet video available worldwide here! thanks again dan!

thank you dan dumitriu for the heads-up. i also just found out that andrew bought the nooka on his own from street fusion!


Adam said...

To be fair, yellow is almost played out. It's had a good run over that last few months.

And while I cannot claim to be a television expert, I'm pretty sure that the UK version of American Idol is Pop Idol (and that the American version of Britain's Got Talent is America's Got Talent.)

NOOKA said...

adam, thanks for the's all the same to me when i see simon cowell on a show. as for yellow, we're getting some pushback on your comment from a wide range of concerns:
the international union of lemons [part of the greater citrus union], WWCF (world wide canary federation), the TTBA (traditional tennis ball association), and last but not least, CFYSH (Christians for Yellow Sunday Hats). If daisies could read as well as lemons, the email box would be flooded for sure.