Friday, May 23, 2008

where are the beautiful people? they are all robots!

you may remember seeing super model agyness deyn wearing nooka zubs in an editorial in the fab british mag i-D last month...actually, it's in my blog here. well, it seems as if some evil scientist has turned her into an android, or more properly a replicant [depending on which scifi lingo one wants to use]. luckily i'm on quite a few robot/android/replicant mailing lists and was invited to their coming out ball last night in chelsea.

all of her male and female robot/android/replicant friends were there. i asked one of the agyness' why she wasn't wearing her nooka and she told me that the human one uses a different set of stylists than the robot/android/replicants – obviously!

mannequins actually by nyc's roostein mannequins, though the event reminded me a bit of black lizard, a cult film of the 60s from japan where a female jewel thief [played by a drag queen] kidnaps beautiful teenagers to turn into a living sculptures in her island hideout.

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