Monday, June 23, 2008

noo look for nooka [preview]

we have been working on a new look for all our marketing materials as i always felt the photoshoot i did last year [images on nooka website as of this writing] do not successfully convey the future-fashion-focus of the brand (i can't get angry as i have only myself to be upset with). so i decided to concentrate and apply the same brand exercises i use for berrymatch clients to myself [a very difficult task to be both the therapist AND patient] and came up with a more focused approach for creative direction. i also decided to let-go and hire a young and eager photographer to work with my fabulous art director, yumi.

we were very lucky to have our intern lesley suggest that her boyfriend be considered as a photographer, and we did indeed use his services [along with his creative partner paul]. the quality of their conceptualizations and visualizations were really spot-on – it's great working with eager young creatives! i should also mention that they did this all why in the midst of finals for their design education at carnegie mellon in pittsburgh. paul and don operate under their studio, the supervisory [their website here] and i am proud that nooka is their first commercial client.

one of my main motivations has always been to create objects that look like they belong in the 21st century. therefore, it is no surprise that the concept and art direction for this photoshoot is sci-fi inspired [which is weird for me to write as we are actually in the 21st century now, though still no anti-gravity drives for cars, airplanes, and hovercrafts]. i wanted a slightly android look for the models which is hard to do as in the future, you can't tell the androids from the biological humans...

anyway, we will hopefully have new lookbooks completed by august of this year and will update the website to coincide with their printing.


Anonymous said...

such a nice blog.

berto xxx

Gordon said...

Interesting.... got any more to show?

Your printer's going to love getting the shadow tones right for this one :-)

NOOKA said...

berto xxx: thanks for the kind comments!

gordon: we have a pretty good printer, so i'll let you know how it goes. we're waiting for the photographers edit before we show more though...will be a bit darker even

Magnus said...

looks great and definitely helps convey the message more clearly!

More fitting to Mr West in any case ;)

NOOKA said...

magnus: glad you agree, but this has nothing to do with mr. west, it's all about nooka.