Saturday, June 14, 2008

nooka loves los angeles

june 12, 2008: after a a close to 15 year absence, i’m in LA...for a few days...

ddc lab on melrose in los angeles was kind enough to provide the venue for our first party in los angeles! thomas and all of his staff were on hand, and javier laval and jerry lorenzo provided the PR support, DJ Gomez, and photographers. i made sure to buy a new outfit from ddc lab before the party and i spent most of the night explaining how i bought the t-shirt i was wearing right here in LA [even though i’m a native new yorker, i really do love LA]! DJ Gomez played a great mix of dance music from the 80s and up, red bull and vodka was flowing. i was happy to see missy from ghostly records! i was told we would’ve had a more star-studded party if it wasn’t for the lakers game going on the same night, but it was a great turnout and a fun event. when the party started, the lakers were ahead by 20 points, by the end, they had lost.

the party went on til after 11pm and then i was off to goa with jerry [please see photo. i think jerry looks like the black colin farrell, they could be twins]. now jerry has to be one of the most well connected party people in LA, but he made the mistake of being a joker by wearing a celtics bomber jacket – we got so much hell at the door of goa you can not imagine. he had to take off his jacket and leave it with the door girl he knows and we were in, and i have never been felt up by so many beautiful women in my life [i wish the boys felt the same way about me, but that is the cruel irony of being a homo in his 40s i guess]. it is a beautiful club inside and we had a great time. i enjoyed watching jerry work the joint. we then went to bossa nova for a bite to eat and again, his jacket set off the whole restaurant. the only people laughing were the lakers who were eating in the back.

restaurant note: not fancy at all, but don toños on santa monica has amazingly cheap and delicious mexican food. urth cafe on melrose has great coffee and a nice brioche bread pudding [i had mine with soy milk and baked bananas].

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