Sunday, July 6, 2008

der nookanooka wurde über Berliner Himmel entdeckt

my trip to berlin is winding down. i got to see my friends, do some shopping and visit the holocaust memorial near the newly opened u.s. embassy. last night, after dinner at a beer garden [i drank this thing called berliner weissen which is bright green woodruff syrup in a light wheat beer] i met yuna at platoon, an art organization that does some cool stuff in korea of all places [as well as locally and in europe]. i signed up as a member of their platoon and got a membership dog tag. their website is here. berlin is full of great art spaces and it seems every night is a party right in the museums and galleries . we hit a photo installation on one street and then a dj party at the KW [kunstwerk] after platoon. the dj at KW was amazing but the cops came and made them turn the volume down at midnight.

foto is of a nookanooka near alexanderplatz. next stop...rome!

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