Friday, July 11, 2008

elton john in venice

on wednesday night, i had the pleasure of seeing elton john play live in piazza san marco in venice! it was a concert to raise money for the maintenance of the square, and it was packed with over 4500 people in the open air event, just elton john, a grand piano, and the night. the last time i saw elton john was when i was still in junior high school and he performed with a full band and numerous costume changes, and i must say, seeing him perform with just his piano is preferable. he stuck to the old stuff, which was good as far as i'm concerned, and though he doesn't hit the same high notes on his recordings of the 70s, but he's still a great performer. needless to say, the setting made it all the more magical.

here are some pics, and special thanks to roberto of nooka italia for arranging the last minute trip to venice! i personally love the backlit foto of the guy with the beard in the first row.

i can write more about venice but i think wikipedia does a better job, but we had a great meal afterwards with great company.

i'd like to write about where you can buy nooka in italia but i'm still waiting for a list from roberto.....

in london now and let me say, gatwick was a nightmare....more on that later perhaps?

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