Friday, July 18, 2008

noo moozik

noo purchases and mini reviews [yes, i still buy physical cds, but only when it's not avaialble on itunes PLUS – labels take note, there are many people who will not buy protected music on itunes!].

artist / album
chromatics / night drive: ethereal night time disco. some tracks venture a bit on the ambient side but it's a great cd to f*ck to. vocals are reminiscent of vanessa daou [love you more vaness!!]. support independent music and buy this disc! **** purchased at halcyon in dumbo brooklyn, nyc.

luciano / fabric 41: part of the fabric live series from london, this is a great mix that also tends to run a bit ambient/experimental at points, but danceable [is that a word?] for the most part. *** purchased at fopp in convent garden, london.

nupop / a selection of rare tunes: i love this french label, wagram. they put out year end selections from different genres, and the pop ones always please. this one is a 2 disc set covering 2007 with highlights including mark ronson, hushpuppies and broadcast. i wish alternative pop was more acessible, and this compilation certainly helps. ***** purchased at saturn in alexanderplatz, berlin.

digitalism / kitsuné tabloid: again, a french label but this club mix has some of the best dance music out of nyc mixed with our faves from australia with classic 80s synthpop...super cool. ***** purchased at saturn in alexanderplatz, berlin.

just a short sample of recent tunes you might hear visiting the nooka studio.

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