Friday, August 29, 2008

coarse toys pain and chopper

i love what is now called urban vinyl. i remember how excited i got when i scored a full set of the tom kids by michael lau in the late 90s from my connections with medicom in tokyo. since then, my collection has swelled to the point where i can not actively collect anymore because i've simply run out of space. of course, i accept the limited edition and signed stuff from my friends at devil robots and mad barbarians!

nooka has certainly opened up the doors for me to meet a lot more of the people whose work i admire one of which is the people at coarse toys. they designed a campaign for vans which includes super limited edition oversized urban vinyl action figures. i tracked one down in NYC before i was contacted by them to do a trade for some of our product, so now i have two – pain and chopper.

at first they didn't like each other, but look what i caught them doing in the office. take it outside boys! they seemed upset i took the fotos...worried their girlfriends would find out, but apparently the girls don't have internet where they live, so no worries.

coarse toys website is here.

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