Monday, September 22, 2008

miho hatori and phill van visit nooka

to say i'm a big fan of miho hatori is an understatement. i have followed her career since the first cibo matto release, went to live shows, purchased remix projects and love her as a cartoon in the gorillaz – so it was with great pleasure to entertain miho in my studio yesterday. film director, phill van was kind enough to bring her by after she was intrigued when he showed her my web sites [phil is also someone to watch out for – he's gonna be big. i met phill at the last ghostly records party, so thanks missy and sam!]. we chatted about living between 2 cultures, music, the death of futurism, language as well as her upcoming projects. i got a preview of her new solo album, and it sounds AMAZING.

i was a bit shocked to hear that she never saw the urban vinyl versions of her gorillaz character before coming to my office! they've been out a while...i will get kidrobot on the case today.

miho's site is here.

phill and miho both look great in their grey leather nookas don't you think?


Mike said...

Awesome pics. Man I can't decide what color Nooka to get. First I was thinking white, then black, now I want the blue zot. Not sure if I can order that one anywhere in Canada. After some research I found that Group Seven in Calgary is the only store that is good for mailorder in Canada. The rest charge ridiculous custom and shipping fees.

PS - The link to the online store in your sidebar is broken. It uses the old store link.

NOOKA said...

mike: thanks for the comment, i fixed the link! we do ship from the US store [updated link] but you will have to deal with customs. miho is great.

meesheo said...

oh goodness, i love miho so much.