Tuesday, October 7, 2008

new band to watch

as you may know from a previous posting, i met school of seven bells at a glam ghostly records party over the summer. well...their full length album release is now slated for october 28th and they will be touring between now and well after that date.

their sound is reminiscent of M83, miranda sex garden [though i may be the only person who bought their CDs], and enya [i know it's fun to hate on enya, but "orinoco flow" is an enigmatic pop classic]. SVIIB's singers are twins so i can't help but get images of the peanuts in my head [their classic koi no fugue is a karaoke standard in japan and taiwain to this day though americans know them from the 1960s mothra vs. godzilla movies]. i find SVIIB's alpinisms to be especially transportative [is that a word? if not, i just made it. feel free to use] when riding my bicycle – it brings me totally into my head and i don't notice my leg muscles at all – making for an effortless ride.

i hope this makes it interesting enough for you all to run out [or go to itunes] to buy the album when it comes out. update: available now on itunes!

they came to my studio last week to chat about the album, life, crazy people, fall allergies, as well as getting some snazzy nooka watches.

their myspace page is here.


Joe @ RAW said...

Fairytales of Slavery was one of my favorite albums in high school.
I saw Miranda Sex Garden Live in London in 1997 at a place called the Aquarium......
Whoa...blast from the past...

NOOKA said...

joe, i have 2 cds somewhere in my collection if you want me to mp3 them for you...i guess there were 2 people who bought them afterall! i'm sure you'll love school of 7 bells then!