Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nooka pairings: zack yankush+BMX

usually when i post a pairings, it's from my own show collection. here is one sent to us from zack yankush! looks great huh?

about the photo: Zack Yankush aka Catfish Professional BMX rider Is known as "The voice of BMX". He announces every major BMX competition in the world including ESPN's X-Games, the AST Dew Tour on NBC, and the Empire of Dirt in England and is the Host of Fuel TV's BMX reality show "Props". Loves to match his nooka to his bike color.

who their a bmx collab in the future?...

you can buy the watch zack is wearing here.

1 comment:

chad degroot said...

wow, is that a feeble grind while checking the time? ridaz