Tuesday, September 16, 2008

nooka sightings: lil wayne on SNL

lil wayne was on SNL last saturday, have a look at the clips here.
his nooka gold nooka is pretty sharp there [especially with a green electric guitar] and the orange aluminum nooka is hard not to notice – both look great on tv.
buy yours here and at other fine retailers worldwide! the gold model lil wayne is wearing here.

thank you mister lil wayne!

thank you magnus in sweden for sending me better links than i first posted.


Brando designbryå said...


Brando designbryå said...


New super shots



Christian said...

Getting an Orange Zub20 Zot soon. Although it's not the aluminum one from the video, I'm sure it'll be quite noticeable as well :P

Can't wait to get it next week