Sunday, October 5, 2008


well, i'm gonna write about how excited i am with the new metallic zubs, but since this is a blog i'll first list what i did this weekend so far: frank and i went to eat at the new BBQ place in town called hill country on west 26th street. it was very tasty but kinda expensive for the type of food. i had the very same meal in texas for literally 1/3 the price. i'm very turned off when i see $6 cup cakes in a self-service restaurant. we then went for a bike ride in central park [always gorgeous] before checking out new stuff at nike town [why do all the sneakers i want to buy there have hard soles and cleats?]. we then went to see margaret cho at radio city music hall [i don't know what i was thinking when i agreed to buy 2 tickets off my friend tony]. she's got a potty mouth and is kinda funny, but the material was all re-hashed and we were bored [hire a new writer beautiful missy cho, there are tons of them in LA and NYC]. of course, being inside radio city music hall is always a pleasure – one of the most beautiful stages in the world.

now onto my metallics: gorgeous. silver, bronze, and a spacey gold finish on the zub 20 with a zoo face. these are produced from a new mold with recessed buttons for a sleeker silhouette. here you can see the bronze one modeled by sexy frank as he wears a BKc green T-shirt and a silver one on sexy me wearing my new sweatshirt from one of my favorite stores in tokyo, sounds good, the sportswear themed select shop by united arrows. the metallic zubs will soon be in stores, but if you can't wait, get em here!

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The Bensimon Girls said...

Hi Frank!! Hi matthew. Love the new watches.... Hope a supreme agent sells a ton!!