Monday, October 20, 2008

nederlands and valerio zeno

valerio zeno is a rising tv star and mtv vj in the nederlands – and really really cute! moreover, he wears nooka, so you gotta love him even more. please go to and vote for him as the best dressed man in the nederlands. the link is here! the page is in dutch, but pretty easy to figure out. "stem op deze kandidaat" is "vote for this candidate" and click on the stars.

if you want to find nooka in amsterdam, check out bofd. i like that they are using the nookanookas to great effect.

from our nederlands rep: "In Amsterdam NOOKA is getting more popular everyday. Bofb, situated in the centre is crazy about NOOKA. This modern jewelry-store, not selling the traditional brands, but only products they like and their own amazing collection, started last year showing the metal NOOKA’s A little urged by their kids, they started this spring with the Zub’s….now one of their best selling items. Beside of that NOOKA gives a lot of traffic in- and outside the store, by a very diverse public, talking about and trying to find out what time it is. And moreover, all these new customers seems not worried about the economical crisis… Johan and Bertie of Bofb are very happy with NOOKA…and their kids too!"Bofb, Rokin 116,

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