Tuesday, October 21, 2008

nooka sightings: takashi murakami

i have been a big fan of takashi murakami's ever since i bought an issey miyake t-shirt stuffed into the head of a plastic figure in the marui men's kan on yasukuni avenue in tokyo a few years before he burst onto the art scene [i remember reading about him as a graphic designer for a brief moment]. it also came with a poster of a monster holding the character on a background of his signature eyeballs [that poster is framed and in my living room – i'd love to replace it with a real painting of his, but even when i went to gallery to try and buy one, they were all pre-sold!].

he truly is the andy warhol of my generation, so i was so happy to see these photos sent to me of mr. murakami wearing one of my creations bought at one of my favorite stores, ddc lab [locations in new york and los angeles, their site here].

caption: Takashi Murakami preparing for his 10/16/2008 appearance at Pratt University, where be was honored along with two other artists.

Styled by: Image Director: Alexander Allen.

if you are not in nyc or los angeles, watch worn is available here.

thank you alexander!


Anonymous said...

Now this is an excellent endorsement indeed.

chingang said...

Impressed, I am.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?