Monday, October 27, 2008

two more interviews!

i was interviewed by adnan arif of wristfashion via email and in-person by liz kinnmark of designglut. it's interesting to see how different the tone is from catching me on different days and also the difference from an interview via email and one transcribed from an audio recording [the type of questions also changes things].

adnan is perhaps one of the most knowledgable people in the world when it comes to the world of watches – he travels to the fairs in hong kong and switzerland every year and represents numerous brands for the middle east out of his offices in dubai [one brand of which is nooka!]. is "a resource which tells the stories of how many creative businesses got their start. You don't need magic. You may, however, need some inspiration and a little advice". it is 100% interview format.

wristfashion interview here.

designglut interview here.


Anonymous said...

Nooka + Kidrobot? My two favorite ways to express myself! I've already got my Glow In the Dark and am considering picking up the Triennale on an upcoming trip to Tokyo; Any info on a potential release date for the Kidrobot collab?

NOOKA said...

thank you for the comment.

a kidrobot+nooka collab will be released in november. thanks for reminding me to blog about it tomorrow!

Mike said...

This is unrelated to the post, but I have no better place to put this.

A nice design touch I like on the Zot V is that there are no labels on the face of the watch for the side buttons. Flip the watch over and voila, there they are. I've had my Nooka for a little over a week and I just noticed that now. Nice.

NOOKA said...

mike, thanks for the comment! i like your wine bottle label blog!

Mike said...


Oh, and I also like the double pronged clasp with the double row of holes. It continues the whole "dot" theme of the Zot V. Very cool.