Tuesday, January 27, 2009

noo music: miho hatori and towa tei

last week, towa tei released the first single from his upcoming album on itunes, mind wall featuring the vocals of miho hatori. the video is really cute and i love the song.

i had brunch with miho on sunday in bed-stuy brooklyn to discuss each others' projects and we always get into profound discussions on creative process, influences, and life – my respect for her deepens each time we meet. but please don't think i'm pushing this because she's a friend – because i don't do that often. you simply must try and catch a live performance of her's. the purity and natural depth of her singing is only hinted at in recorded form.

anyway, miho hatori and tei towa, a fun musical match. support the arts, buy the single on itunes!

if you're looking for a nooka, they're available here.

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