Monday, January 19, 2009

sundance 2009 round-up

sundance was full of firsts for me: first time spending time in salt lake city, first time in park city, and first time eating a taco bell bacon cheddar gordita crunch [wow!]. our party had some setbacks though – jared gold and his clothes were a no-show due to a production over-run in germany for america's next top model! the venue and management were able to pull in some local designers for the runway show. the designs were not an ideal stylistic fit for nooka, but it was really one of those "on with the show" kinda situations. the models rocked the nookas and the colors worked well with both collections presented. so... with the dj skills of michna and kate simko, the hospitality of pierpont place and all the wonderful talent in salt lake, a wonderful party was enjoyed by all who came.

and now, let's talk about salt lake city: what good looking people! they were so warm and receptive to me and to nooka. i met so many wonderful people – i will definitely go back to spend some more time there again.

also, the nooka image video and signage really branded the whole affair as a "nooka" event. thanks again to my in-house design team for all their hard work and the peeps at pierpont place for getting the signage produced locally in such short-order.

great music, yummy UV brand vodka, good people = fun for all.

now the real work is to get some exposure for the professional photos from the event [not my crappy ones posted here and on facebook].

thanks again sam, missy, adrian and kate of ghostly!

nookas always available here.


adrian said...

are those dj's sporting nooka watches? nice !

NOOKA said...

adrian: why yes, they are! a black zub on the left and a blue aluminium zot on the lovely lady dj to the right.