Monday, February 2, 2009


last month i caught up on some documentaries i missed in the theater by seeing gary hustwit's "helvetica" on PBS and verymuchso's production, "crossing the line" on the sundance channel. helvetica explores the development and impact of a typeface and crossing the line tells the story of american defectors' lives in north korea – both incredibly thorough, educational, and surprisingly engrossing!

as many things in my life tend to seem magical, not 1 week after seeing helvetica, my friend sam valenti tells me, "i think you should meet my friend gary hustwit, you guys would really get along well"! as it happens, gary is finishing up his next film, "objectified" and needed to shoot objects in-situ at people's apartments to create the interstitials for that. it's unfortunate that i wasn't introduced earlier to perhaps be considered for the main part of the film, but i'd be such a minor player next to people like jonathan ive! that said, i have so much stuff in both my apartment and office – having a famous documentary film maker photograph it helps justify keeping these dust collectors in my life – and i was told that i definitely had the most "junk" of any apartment he's been to! needless to say, it was a pleasure to meet gary this past saturday, and hopefully be a small part in what will surely be an amazing film!

Crossing The Line: Gone from Nick Bennett on Vimeo.

gary's site for objectified here.

verymuchso's crossing the line here.


Mike said...

That's awesome. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Objectified. What was it that they were photographing? Your workspace? Vinyl toys?

NOOKA said...

it was my apartment, and yes, mostly vinyl toys. i had actually taken out my collection of 7" singles but they would've been better for "helvetica" i was told:)