Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the nature of the blogger

i had a lovely brunch with my friend sam this weekend. he is a fellow entrepreneur and even more media-savvy than myself. he also is a reader of my blog and he always presses me to write more of the personal insights he knows i have [on business, design, society etc.] on my blog assuring me that it will be more interesting to my readers.

now, i usually tell sam that this blog is not my personal blog [i actually do not have a personal blog], and that i have to edit and tailor my 'voice' for various audiences and purposes. the nookastyle blog is a hybrid. people who read it can see that it's not a corporate blog written by a PR agency, it is actually written by me. this supports the argument that it is a personal blog or rather matthew waldman is nooka and nooka is matthew waldman. but does this mean i have to write about my political views or air dirty laundry about people i work with?

i honestly would prefer to write more in the rant style of my conversation, but as many tv stations post before a news opinion segment "the views of the speaker do not reflect the views of the management of this station". that said, although the nooka design studio is more a socialist commune in structure, i am still the creative director and ceo and can probably say with 90% certainty that my views do reflect the views of the station. but all this brings up the crux of the matter. i do self-edit. i am also edited by others [i have to show amazing restraint not to write about the AMAZING new products i've designed as to not undermine the great work my press agents plan for example]. i self-edit because my views on many matters are not so much controversial as open to misinterpretation when voiced by someone such as myself. and as i like the voice of nooka to represent the brand values, i may need to add "controversial" as one of those values to support a change of voice [though i like the idea the more i type].

anyway, in traditional blog style, here is a morning brain dump. i will still post interesting celebrity nooka news AND make an effort to go back to at least one rant per week.

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