Monday, April 27, 2009

nookanooka soon in tokyo

i was told to customize a nookanooka for a character designer-related show in japan in june but that's all the information i have so far. i'm very excited to post photos of the piece i did, including 2 process shots that show my hand-drawn sketch [the hand painting is my designer paul here in the nooka studio]. as i designed the nookanooka myself, i found quite a mental block to design a "custom" version [how does one work on a collab with oneself!?] and went through 5 nookanookas before arriving at a design i think works!

my first sketches were very graphical, applying 2-D patterns to areas of the character [playing on the hyper-dimensional elements of the nookanooka story]. my second set was to play solely with texture and color, even as far as getting quotes from a taxidermist to cover one of the nookanookas with deer fur [to play with the shape-shifting elements of the story]! what i ended up with is what you see in the fotos: simply using the nookanooka as a canvas to bring a doodle to life, perhaps alluding to the various emotive states the character can display. my working title is Hello Killy [ハロー霧].

i will post again when i know more details on the show.

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Nooka is an official sponsor of The Juan Maclean US Tour this Spring.


AJ said...

Is this nookanooka gonna be available to purchase? this is awesome!

NOOKA said...

this original will be on sale at the show in tokyo and mini version [10cm height] i a different color way will be available this summer.