Monday, May 4, 2009

boys boys and random stuff

ok...i've noticed a more than seasonal drop in web traffic to both my blog and which i hope means people are busy out of doors making money. i will take today as an opportunity to update stuff that ends up on twitter and not here.

a few weeks ago jeff sheldon of ugmonk stopped by the studio wearing his nooka watch. jeff works in a studio that specializes in extreme sports marketing, but his own line of t-shirts is his side project i was aware of. i wear his "and then i woke up" t-shirt as often as i wash it! get yours here.

last week, photographer and media impresario derrick gomez stopped by the studio to chat and catch up. i love that he refers to my office as the nooka lab and i think i'll start doing the same. see his site, photography, and blog here.

not sure if i blogged this before, but i was nominated and accepted to be a fellow of the royal society for the arts in the UK. this means i now can put the letters F.R.S.A after my name. My friend darren in london has been busy collecting letters for his name and he's helping me do the same! the rsa is an amzing organization and they have a well developed design outreach program. check out their design and society blog here.

other non related bloggo-bit: saw 2 films at the tribeca film fest: the girlfriend experience and 7 minutes in heaven. both excellent but i can't see them making their way into theaters, at least in the US. will be great on HBO though. it was great being a VIP for a day!

the nookas seen on the handsome boys in the foto above [left to right, jeff, me (don't you love my new muji eyewear and t-shirt designed by jeff?), and derrick] are available at fine stores and here. join nooka and love nooka on facebook and nookaNOW on twitter.

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