Friday, May 22, 2009

nooka in china and hong kong

china and hong kong are known to be difficult regions for smaller brands – and establishing a brand takes more time. simply put [and of course i am over generalizing], the chinese consumer will not buy an item at full price unless it is a well-established major fashion brand. so though we have had consistent great press in hong kong [thank you allan!], we had some difficulty creating the same retail experiences we enjoy in tokyo and new york [for example].

well, this is now going to change as i am super excited to announce our exclusive retail partner for hong kong: LANE CRAWFORD! i love their stores – where else can you sit down and have an espresso brought to you while your goods are being wrapped? they are experts at retail experience and a perfect enthusiastic partner for not just hong kong, but shanghai and beijing as well!

so look for nooka in the watch departments of lane crawford in hong kong, shanghai and beijing. you can also find nooka at glossy shanghai and the mori art center.

lane crawford website is here.

not in hong kong, shanghai or beijing? nooka is available at fine stores and here. join nooka and love nooka on facebook and nookaNOW on twitter.

Nooka is an official sponsor of The Juan Maclean US Tour happening now!


Kit said...

As a Hong Kong consumer who brought one of the great watches, your comment is beyond generalizing.

In my opinion Chinese consumers maybe more money aware, because generally people over there hate to spend money on anything other than necessary.

NOOKA said...

kit: thanks so much for owning a nooka, taking the time to read my blog and also for leaving a comment. i was referring more to nooka not yet being a gucci or prada than suggesting anything else. the reality is, big brands do well in HK and the major centers in China and partnering with Lane Crawford is an important step for a small brand like mine.

A.K.A. Emily said...

Living in HK, I can attest to the fact that there are many small, and innovative brands that are fiercely competitive at the price range of Nookas and without the firm backing of another brand name, even great products can become a thing of mere trend, disappearing into the oblivion.

I too own a Nooka, as an anniversary present from my husband two years ago. I love it so much that my leather strap is about to shred to bits. Will Lane Crawford be carrying accessories too? If not, please consider it, since a good brand should not forget the loyal customers.

NOOKA said...

thanks so much for the thoughtful comment AND for being a fan of my designs! i expect nothing but great things from my relationship with hong kong, i love the city!

i think lane crawford would order accessories if necessary but will check. you can email info[at] for a direct response to the question or order bands/straps at

HK Teacher said...

Love your ZON BK, planning to buy one in Lane.... but since the weather has been so hot and humid for the past months, I wonder your strap can stand the sweaty wrist? Any plan to use silicone than leather?

NOOKA said...

thanks for the comment. the leather can certainly take the heat and sweat but you may want to consider a metal mesh band as an option. it's easy for a jeweler to swap out for you. not sure if lane crawford stocks the replacement bands but they can special order for you from us.

HK Teacher said...

Went to Lane TST, could not find ZON :-(
(how much is it selling in HK?)